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Bridal & Wedding

  • Nearly 30 years in the business we have helped hundreds of customers look fabulous on their big day. Wedding dresses, suits, bridal gowns, our experience and advanced cleaning methods ensure all fabrics and even the most custom bridal dresses are done the right way.

  • We all know a dirty wedding dress means a fun wedding, but don’t delay taking good care of your dress after the big day. Waiting to have it cleaned allows stains to set and oxidize.

  • Let us help preserve those great memories without the stains. We offer bridal dress boxing and packaging using quality acid-free tissues and boxes that will preserve your dress for a lifetime.

Alterations & Repairs

  • Our gifted staff of professionals can tackle any job from a simple button replacement to tapering an evening gown. They can turn any garment into something that feels and looks like it was designed specifically for you.

  • We do our alterations on-site and never send them out to third-party businesses, so your garments are always safe with us.

  • We specialize in:

    • All types of clothing alterations and repairs

    • Dress Alterations

    • Wedding Dress Alterations

    • Suit Alterations

    • European Hemming for Jeans

    • Patching, Torn or Ripped Jeans Repairs

    • Leather & Suede Repairs

    • And more!

Wash & Fold

  • This time-saving service takes all the hassle out of laundry. The only thing you'll need to do with our wash and fold service is put them back in your dresser.

  • If you have ever been hesitant to try a wash and fold service before, we’re confident you will be impressed by the great care and attention we give your clothing.

  • We always use Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and energy efficient methods when cleaning your clothes so your items are safe, chemical free, and smelling fresh.

    • Your items are tumble dried and folded.

    • If you prefer items to be hang dried, just place your garments in a separate bag in your laundry bag.

    • With this cost effective service you pay per pound.

Household & Drapery

  • They say the way in which you decorate your home is a great reflection of self, taste, and lifestyle; and we’d love to help make your home look its best! We preserve and maintain all types of quality fabrics and designs.

  • Our passion to cleaning your garments include your household items, and we apply the same amount of care in safe guarding all your delicates with our advanced cleaning system. Fabrics come back clean, smelling fresh, and free of toxic chemicals. Safe for your homes, families, and pets. 

  • We specialize in:

    • Bedspreads, Comforters, Duvets

    • Cushions

    • Draperies, Curtains

    • Feather-Filled Items (Goose/Duck)

    • Area Rugs – Persian, Oriental, Silk, Synthetic

    • And More

Sports & Hockey Gear

  • It’s no secret your sports equipment and uniforms are guaranteed to be filthy. Dirty, sweaty games mean a breeding ground for the accumulation of germs and bacteria that can become a concern to all athletes of any age, gender or sport, and pose a threat to our health.

  • Our superior cleaning technology uses no fragrances or masking agents and provides a healthy and safe solution for you and our environment. We help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria while protecting hockey gear from any damage.

  • Give us your whole bag and we will clean it!

    • Regular hockey bag and equipment

    • Goalie equipment

    • Team equipment

    • Call for other sporting equipment cleaning information

Leather, Suede & Fur

  • Whether the style is sporty, casual, or formal there is always an unmatchable appeal to these kinds of top quality garments. These are some of the most expensive materials money can buy, and the attraction and prestige they add to any ensemble is distinct.

  • Since they are made from actual living material that has been treated, it is imperative to keep that treatment intact by storing, cleaning, and treating it properly throughout its lifespan.

  • Our promise to you is to consistently excel in safely cleaning and restoring these garments, while maintain the highest level of industry skills to ensure your items look brand new.

  • With proper care, your leather, suede, and fur garments can last you a whole lifetime, and even be handed down through generations.



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