Our Name.

Meena (Ancient Greek: Μήνης), meaning ‘He Who Endures,’ is the legendary pharaoh of Ancient Egypt who famously united the Upper and Lower regions; and initiated, as first Pharaoh, The First Dynasty (ca. 3100 BC – ca. 2900 BC).

He is depicted in ancient artwork wearing the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt; signifying in much of the Ancient World, a symbol of unity.  


Who We Are.

  • Since 1992, Meena Cleaners has established and expanded itself as a renowned and innovative Dry Cleaners. Time and time again we are awarded the Highest Recognition for ‘Best Dry Cleaners’ throughout the cities we serve.

  • We are a family owned professional dry cleaners and we operate with our customers and our communities in mind. "Our customers are like family to us."

  • With that, we believe the sustainability of our earth is a priority; which is why we have been one of the first dry cleaners in the GTA to establish a 100% Environmentally-Friendly Wet Cleaning System since 1998; a market shift that only started to pick up after 2015.  

  • We are an established dry cleaners, dedicated on transforming an industry.

What We Do Best.

  • Nearly 30 years of experience in dry cleaning and alteration, we are specialists in our craft. We offer full-service garment care, including:

    • ‘Haute couture’ - Designer clothes, Wedding Gowns & Suits, Leathers, Coats, Uniforms, Feather ‘down,’ Household items and more. 

  • We also offer our services to a wide range of markets and businesses, photo and video shoots, fashion shows and red carpet events. 

  • Professional tailors for all your tailoring needs.


Why Choose Us.

  • We are 100% dedicated to using non-toxic cleaning systems that protect the health of our customers, and our environment. The only true method to clean green and cancer free is using all natural H2O. Don’t be fooled by “organic” and “green” claims made by other dry cleaners. If they aren’t using the wet cleaning method, they aren’t green, non-toxic or cancer free. Just look for the 

  • Our system is endorsed by the Environmental
    Protection Agency (EPA) and has been declared,
    “Not harmful to the environment,” by the
    Government of Canada. Switching from dry cleaning
    to wet cleaning can help you reduce your negative
    impact on the environment. 


  • In traditional dry cleaning, every garment is treated the exact same; but Professional Wet Cleaning technology specifically customizes the cleaning of every garment according to fabric, and uses specialized moisture sensitive drying and pressing equipment that reduces fiber damage in all fabrics. Professional wet cleaning is even safer and gentler on fabrics than hand and home washing.

  • Learn more about Traditional Dry Cleaning vs Wet Cleaning

Look for the

for True Green and Cancer-Free Clean!



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